Roots of “Post-Metal” on SiriusXM

Check out pioneers including Godflesh, Neurosis, and Isis, plus current-day post-metal practitioners Amenra, the Ocean, Coilguns, and more.

Roots of Italian Metal on SiriusXM

Join us for a mediterranean meltdown with tracks by Forgotten Tomb, Bulldozer, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Lacuna Coil sung in Italian, Ufommamut, Necrodeath, Death SS, Psychedelic Witchcraft, Syk, and more

Roots of Metal Guitar Prodigy Michael Schenker on SiriusXM

His fast, expressive, melodic lead guitar playing in UFO, Scorpions, MSG, and elsewhere elevated metal songwriting and guitar playing and inspired multiple generations of players.

Roots of the Great 1990s Major Label Metal Swindle on SiriusXM

The brief window between 1991 and 1996 when, anxious to get a grip on the next Metallica or even Nirvana, major corporate record labels signed or aided and abetted the extremes.

Roots Hails Forty Years of Judas Priest’s Cutting-Edge Stained Class LP on SiriusXM

Showcasing otherworldly vocals, precise harmonized guitars, and unprecedented speed, we honor Rob Halford, KK Downing, Ian Hill, Les Binks, and especially Glenn Tipton

Cliff Burton Day: Roots of Metallica’s Demo Tape Days 1981-1983 on SiriusXM

As Castro Valley, California, honors its native major bass rager with an official Cliff Burton Day on his birthdate, February 10, Roots unravels an hour of cassette tape trader treasures.

Thurs 2/8, San Diego: Rettman’s pre-LA Weekend STRAIGHT EDGE Panel at Super7

Whether you wear an X on your hand or an XXX on your moonshine jug, come out and support and enjoy almost four decades of DIY rebellion.

Roots of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal Bands on SiriusXM

Welcome the return of inspiring clean vocals, galloping rhythms, and twin guitar ecstasy

Roots of the Dark, Dark World of Heavy Rock Today on SiriusXM

Black metal, doom, occultism, thrash, and more in the heavy rock of Khemmis, Cloak, Tribulation, Ghost, Death Alley, Pallbearer, Chelsea Wolfe, and others.

Roots of 1988: Metal Branches Out …on SiriusXM

Our thirty-year thrashback series continues with a leap into the great unknown in 1988.

Sat 2/10 & Sun 2/11, L.A.: West Coast STRAIGHT EDGE Weekend Events

Come freak on some of the best current bands in hardcore and a panel discussion featuring Tony Rettman, Jon Roa (Justice League, End To End, Eyelid), Dan O'Mahony, Jonathan Anastas (DYS), and more!

ROOTS Presents the Best 2017 Metal Debuts, Part Two, on SiriusXM

ROOTS PRESENTS THE BEST 2017 METAL DEBUTS, PART TWO Week of January 13, 2018 Sat 1/13, 6PM ET Sun 1/14, 1PM ET Mon 1/15, 9AM ET Tues 1/16, 4PM...

Friday, 1/12, Münster DE: Laina Dawes Unleashes Keynote at “Pop Hero and Action Princess”...

Columbia University's Laina Dawes, author of the groundbreaking and barrier-busting WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?: A Black Woman's Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal,...

Bloody Roots of Classic Norwegian Black Metal on Sirius XM

Scorching assaults in the icy dark of winter by Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor, Thorns, Burzum, Satyricon, Immortal, and more.

Roots Presents the Best Metal Debuts of 2017, Part One, on SiriusXM

The Lurking Fear, Asira, Expulsion, Succumb, Satan's Hallow, Lunar Shadow, Vulture, Zeal & Ardor, Venenum, and more...

Roots 2017 Instrumental Metal Wrap-Up Show on SiriusXM

Tracks by Lady Beast, Svart Ritual, Godflesh, Marty Friedman, Kreator, Ram, the Obsessed, Veneum, Execration, and others.

A Bloody Roots Hellish Heavy Metal Holiday Week Special on SiriusXM

Raucous holiday cheers and sneers from Halford, Lemmy, King Diamond, 220 Volt, Tankard, Melvins, Venom, Harley's War, Tom Angelripper, Hanoi Rocks, Gods of Fire, and more!

NYHC / SXE: Tony Rettman Talks STRAIGHT EDGE & GIRLS TRIP on the Cinepunx...

Cinepunx, the podcast with the credo, "Cinephiles Unite, Films Geeks on the Loose Tonight," has invited Tony Rettman back to discuss his new STRAIGHT...

Roots Thirty-Year Thrashback to 1987 on SiriusXM

A blazing metal history lesson featuring 1987 releases by Death Angel, Kreator, Exodus, Celtic Frost, Metallica, Anthrax, Voivod, Nuclear Assault, Testament, Overkill, Sacrifice, and Excel.

ROOTS Presents 2017: The Year of Death Metal w/Decibel’s Albert Mudrian on Sirius XM

New tracks by veterans Obituary, Morbid Angel, and Cannibal Corpse; new bands by members of Repulsion, Bolt Thrower, Exhumed, and At the Gates; and bands to watch including Necrot, Skelethal, and Decrepit Birth.