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photo by Jimmy Hubbard

Hear ye, hear ye! Welcome to the daily/weekly/monthly information arm of Bazillion Points Books. In the process of making our books, everything moves slowly, heavier than time. Years pass. Ages change. And this blog is meant to keep us from turning to stone over here…

This weblog features posts on our books and other points of interest by our authors and our staff. The whole thing is edited by Ian Christe, publisher of Bazillion Points Books, and author of the books Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal and Everybody Wants Some: The Van Halen Saga. Please buy all of our books in multiple languages for everyone you know who cares about metal, who should care about metal, or who just needs a good education.

Since 2006, even before Bazillion Points began publishing books, this blog has celebrated the tradition of freely-traded heavy metal demo cassettes, digitizing early metal treasures and preserving the pioneer spirit of the underground, one magnetic particle at a time. Much of heavy metal’s past is rotting away on cassette demo tapes, and we’re here to help. The demo archives in this blog are transferred from the original cassette sources unless admitted otherwise. Mostly they sound pretty good, but sometimes you can hear the tapes already starting to decay. The MP3s are packaged with the original artwork in .RAR file format.

If you want to see your great vintage metal demo cassette posted, get in touch. If you see your demo here and you want it removed because you’re still selling it — get in touch even faster.

Beast wishes!

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