Roots of Funk Metal This Week on SiriusXM

Prepare for a lively, unbrutal hour of freaky, kinetic funk and metal conjured by Infectious Grooves, Funkadelic, Primus, Ignorance, Scatterbrain, Mr. Bungle, 24-7 Spyz, Sweaty Nipples, Maximum the Hormone, and much more

ROOTS Salutes Death by Metal, the Chuck Schuldiner Documentary, on SiriusXM

ROOTS Salutes Death by Metal—the Chuck Schuldiner Documentary—on SiriusXM w/special guest Felipe Belalcazar week of July 7, 2018 Sat 7/7, 6PM ET Sun 7/8, 1PM ET Mon 7/9, 9AM...

Roots of the Dark Occult World of Heavy Rock Today on...

The heavy rock of Khemmis, Cloak, Tribulation, Ghost, Death Alley, Pallbearer, Chelsea Wolfe, Satyricon, and more.

Roots of the Exhumed Family of U.S. Metal Freaks on SiriusXM

Exhumed and the vast infectious network of related bands Impaled, Ghoul, Dekapitator, Gruesome, Pounder, Intronaut, Cretin, Mortuous, Expulsion, Gravehill, and more...

Roots of Technical German Death Metal on SiriusXM

Gore and guts meet the precision craftsmanship and spiraling imaginations of the German bands Necrophagist, Defeated Sanity, Obscura, Profanity, Hannes Grossmann, and many others

Roots of Metal vs. 1980s New Wave on SiriusXM

1980s new wave hits devoured by Demolition Hammer, Metallica, Deadhorse, Vader, Firewind, Fear Factory, Converge, Celtic Frost, Fu Manchu, and others

Roots Replanted: The Best of Recent Metal Comebacks on SiriusXM

Highlights include Angel Witch, Carcass, Atheist, Autopsy, At the Gates, Sleep, Eyehategod, Arch/Matheos, and Black Sabbath.

Roots of the Original Misfits | on SiriusXM

Roots of the Early Misfits Family of Bands on SiriusXM Week of May 19, 2018 Sat 5/19, 6PM ET Sun 5/20, 1PM ET Mon 5/21, 9AM ET Tues 5/22,...

Roots of 1988: The Year Metal Branched Out—on SiriusXM

Voivod, Fates Warning, and Napalm Death forge progressive and extreme paths, and even Iron Maiden learns new tricks.

Roots Farewell to Slayer, Part I: The Early Years on SiriusXM

As the band starts its final tour, we launch headfirst into a series of episodes examining each phase of Slayer's 35-year reign.

Roots-ebus Eruptum! Fifty Years of Heavy Metal Pioneers Blue Cheer

We blow apart the stars, shake the squares, kick out the jams with heavy originals plus versions by Pentagram, Ufomammut, Redd Kross, Attitude, Mudhoney, Fireball Ministry, and more.

Roots of Death/Thrash on Sirius XM

Sadus, Slaughter (CA), Massacra, Demolition Hammer, early Sepultura, Hellwitch, Solstice, Pestilence, Carcinogen and others.

Roots Salutes Thirty Years of Iron Maiden’s Seventh Son of a...

Iron Maiden fully unfurled its progressive, imaginative beast with the release of the band's influential and abstract seventh album.

Roots of Motörhead Worship on Sirius XM

We ride hard and sweaty in bullet belts and black leather with Bulldozer, Sodom, Disfear, Midnight, Inepsy, Iron Bastards, Tank, Girlschool, Superchrist, Gehennah, and more!

Roots Remembers Death Metal Pioneer Frank “Killjoy” Pucci of Necrophagia on...

This week we mourn and mark a place in metal history for death metal pioneer Frank "Killjoy" Pucci of Necrophagia.

Roots of British HM Kings Saxon on Sirius XM

Classic live and studio Saxon anthems; plus salutes by Sodom, Deceased, Destruction, Metallica, Motörhead, Paragon, and others.

Roots of “Post-Metal” on SiriusXM

Check out pioneers including Godflesh, Neurosis, and Isis, plus current-day post-metal practitioners Amenra, the Ocean, Coilguns, and more.

Roots of Italian Metal on SiriusXM

Join us for a mediterranean meltdown with tracks by Forgotten Tomb, Bulldozer, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Lacuna Coil sung in Italian, Ufommamut, Necrodeath, Death SS, Psychedelic Witchcraft, Syk, and more

Roots of Metal Guitar Prodigy Michael Schenker on SiriusXM

His fast, expressive, melodic lead guitar playing in UFO, Scorpions, MSG, and elsewhere elevated metal songwriting and guitar playing and inspired multiple generations of players.

Roots of the Great 1990s Major Label Metal Swindle on SiriusXM

The brief window between 1991 and 1996 when, anxious to get a grip on the next Metallica or even Nirvana, major corporate record labels signed or aided and abetted the extremes.