Roots of British HM Greats SAXON on SiriusXM

Push your way to the front for classic live and studio Saxon anthems, plus salutes by Sodom, Deceased, Destruction, Metallica, Motörhead, Paragon, and other stallions of the highways.

Roots of Songs Recorded by Pop Singers Wearing Metal Shirts on Sirius XM

Terrific tracks by Gaga, Miley, Biebler, Lilo, Cheezy, Gnap Gnop, the genius Kanye, and some random Kardashians.

Sun. 4/2, Chicago: 6.66 Heavy Metal Horror Films of the 1980s-Satanic Panic

Mike “McBeardo” McPadden blasts a black lite on the most headbanging hair-raisers of the PMRC era!

ROOTS of German Thrash Metal on SiriusXM

This week the well-traveled boots of ROOTS return to the historical heavy metal hotbed of Germany for an unleashed lesson in unbridled German thrash metal.

ROOTS Celebrates 35 Years of Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast on SiriusXM

A barnstorming assault of instant classic anthems that introduced new singer Bruce Dickinson and catapulted the band into worldwide headlining status.

ROOTS Revisits the New Wasteland Warriors of Thrash Metal on SiriusXM

Roots revisits the savage leading edge of progress by post-nuclear pilgrims including Power Trip, Havok, Dust Bolt, Lost Society, Hellbringer, and Vektor.

ROOTS of New Blood and Sweat from Legends of Hardcore Punk on Sirius XM

New music spit out by Discharge, the Meatmen, G.B.H., Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I., Harley Flanagan, C.O.C., Mob 47, Agnostic Front, Snapshot, and others

NYHC: Hotly Anticipated The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film Premieres May 19

This long-awaited documentary by Antidote singer Drew Stone will sell out by the end of the day, so make your move and score tickets

Mon 3/6, Milwaukee, WI: Mike “McBeardo” McPadden Screams HEAVY METAL MOVIES at Lulu Lecture Series

The illustrious Bazillion Points author will screen clips and discuss the most metal of heavy metal movies. Admission is free.

Roots of Swedish Death Metal Gods ENTOMBED on SiriusXM

Join us as we unearth the relentless power, melody, and groove of Stockholm, Sweden's, death metal magistrates Entombed

ROOTS Performs a Glam Metal Autopsy on SiriusXM

Dokken, W.A.S.P., Mötley Crüe, Krokus, Twisted Sister, Def Leppard and Poison still have in a world of death metal, black metal, doom, thrash, and power metal

Bloody Roots of the Sons of Sabbath on Sirius XM

Soul-shattering songs by Cathedral, Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Sleep, Suck, the Obsessed, Trouble, Witchfinder General, and more.

Bloody Roots Says Goodbye to Black Sabbath on SiriusXM

The Earth's crust trembles and the heavens shake to the sounds of Black Sabbath songs spanning nearly 50 years.

SUB POP USA: Bruce Pavitt Looks to Upend the Music Business Again With 8Stem

Bruce Pavitt with Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989 Bazillion Points author and Sub Pop Records co-founder Bruce Pavitt has been a constant presence in...

Bloody Roots of the Misfits Legacy on SiriusXM

Prepare for a ghoul's night out with hits from hell by the Misfits, plus subsequent bands Samhain and Danzig

Bloody Roots of Boston Hardcore on SiriusXM

BLOODY ROOTS OF BOSTON HARDCORE Week of January 21, 2017 Sat 1/21, 6PM ET Sun 1/22, 1PM ET Mon 1/23, 9AM ET Tues 1/24, 4PM ET Thurs 1/26, 9PM ET Slap...

Bloody Roots of Syrian Metal on SiriusXM

We salute our brothers in metal halfway across the world and honor the hardship and crisis they have faced for many years now.

Bloody Roots Selects Standout 2016 Metal Debuts on SiriusXM

Prepare for a stunning display of technical wizardry, bleak darkness, and operatic drama—sometimes all at once.

Sat. 1/7, L.A.: Mike Watt Closing Party for WE GOT POWER! Photo Show

The event offers a free performance by leading San Pedro punk luminary (and We Got Power! cohort) Mike Watt of the Minutemen/Firehose/Stooges, backed by his current outfit the Secondmen.