Tonight & New Year’s Eve OFF!/Melvins/Redd Kross Gigs Boast Steven McDonald Triple Threat

The killer lineup of Redd Kross, the Melvins, and OFF! sets off a week that will go down in LA punk history

Bloody Roots of 2016 Metal Instrumentals on SiriusXM

BLOODY ROOTS OF 2016 METAL INSTRUMENTALS Week of Dec. 24, 2016 Sat 12/24, 6PM ET Sun 12/25, 1PM ET Mon 12/26, 9AM ET Tues 12/27, 4PM ET Thurs 12/29, 9PM...

The Swedish Death Metal Band of the Week is SPORTLOV

This cabal of heavy musical mayhem-makers donned corpse paint, down vests, ski parkas, and wool hats to blast out songs obsessed with ice, snow, freezing temperatures, and winter sports.

HEAVY METAL MOVIES: Blu-Ray Brutality for December 2016 w/31, Mad Max, Henry, Phantasm…

Tis the season to brace yourself for another headbanging guide to metal, punk, hard rock, horror, cult, and other outrage-related new Blu-ray releases.

CHOOSING DEATH: Non-Metalhead “Forced” To Listen To Death Metal For 8 Hours Straight in Savage Social Experiment

The merry mischief makers at Mashable recently released a video of an in-office social experiment...

MISERY OBSCURA: Eerie Von Appears on This Week’s Fiendcast

MISERY OBSCURA author Eerie Von appears on the latest episode of Misfits/Samhain/Danzig-themed podcast the FIENDCAST, available everywhere today. The show also delves into the...

Bloody Roots of Death Metal in 1991: The Choosing Death Essentials on SiriusXM

BLOODY ROOTS OF DEATH METAL IN 1991: THE CHOOSING DEATH ESSENTIALS w/guest Albert Mudrian, author of CHOOSING DEATH / editor of DECIBEL Sat 12/17, 6PM ET Sun...

WE GOT POWER!: Unique 40X Signed Copy on Auction to Benefit Chris Stein of Saccharine Trust

Signed by members of the Germs, Foo Fighters, Descendents, the Adolescents, Redd Kross, Saccharine Trust, Sin 34, Redd Kross, Christian Death, Circle Jerks, White Flag, and others!

PERPETUAL CONVERSION: Danny Lilker’s Totally Resinated Brutal Truth-era Bass Is Up for Bids

Danny Lilker (Anthrax, S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept) is releasing his mighty grip on one prized personal possession—the B.C. Rich bass he...

METALION: Norway’s Mayhem Blackens Yule w/“De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive”

The unique brutal musical extremism and atmosphere is inseparable from a violent and chaotic history

NYHC: Swiz, Rites, Quicksand, Hyenas—A Crash Course in “Post-Core” from NYHC Author Tony Rettman

Musicians who were inspired to pick up an instrument because of hardcore punk, and then funneled that raw fury and angst into another challenging direction in sound.

CHOOSING DEATH: Kreator +Obituary +Midnight +Horrendous Cutting Heads on 2017 Decibel Magazine Tour

Decibel, the black-hearted monthly extreme metal culture tract helmed by Choosing Death author Albert Mudrian, has announced the 2017 lineup of its annual take-no-prisoners tour.

Bloody Roots of Thrash Metal Evolution 1986–2016 on SiriusXM

BLOODY ROOTS OF THRASH METAL EVOLUTION 1986-2016 on SiriusXM Week of December 10, 2016 Sat 12/10, 6PM ET Sun 12/11, 1PM ET Mon 12/12, 9AM ET Tues, 12/13, 4PM...

DIRTY DEEDS: AC/DC’s Phil Rudd Hits the Road Solo in 2017 for “Head Job”

In 2017, the rough-hewn Rudd will finally hit the road in support of his 2014 solo outing Head Job

Sat 12/17, L.A.: Saccharine Trust Plays PAGANICONS at WE GOT POWER! Show

Los Angeles legends Saccharine Trust are set to perform their 1981 SST Records hallmark Pagan Icons release in its entirety, along with their 1981...

CITY BABY: Massive G.B.H. Clay Records Reissues Out This Week!

G.B.H. were early pioneers of English street punk, often nicknamed "UK82." The band has gone on to influence punk and metal musicians around the globe.

Bloody Roots of Metal’s Ultra-Heavy Progressive Fringes on Sirius XM

Emerging from various scenes including death metal, doom, and technical progressive metal, bands including Gorguts, Ahab, SubRosa, the Ocean, Cult of Luna, and Ne Obliviscaris

NYHC: Rolling Stone Mag on the Cro-Mags and Misfits’ Contributions to Sports Anthems

If you hear what sounds like the Cro-Mags blaring out over the ice or the gridiron...well, now you know.

HEAVY METAL MOVIES: “We Are X” Plus New Unlocking the Truth and Twisted Sister Docs

Since Heavy Metal Movies first arrived, a cloven hoof-ful of new metal docs have arisen that warrant their own headbanging tribute.

A LONG ONE! New HEAVY METAL MOVIES Blu-ray Releases for November 2016

And if you think this epic roundup of new release details for one month's Blu-ray offerings is insane, you are absolutely right!