Roots of Second Singers on Sirius XM

What changes in songwriting, style, and sound do new singers really bring?

Roots Thirty-Year Thrashback to 1987 on Sirius XM

The year 1987 brought a fresh onslaught of new faces, further refinements, and unexpected departures

Who Are You? #9: Library of Congress Edition

Our colleagues at the U.S. Library of Congress have wandered into a hall of mystery located in the palace of your and our expertise.

Roots of Black Metal Rock ‘n’ Roll

The fluid, feral variety of black metal that begins with early records by Venom and Bathory.

Roots of Brutal Slam Death Metal on Sirius XM

Based around gravity-bending "slam" breakdowns, this gruesome and grotesque extreme of death metal is the ultimate in dehumanized end-of-civilization fun.

Roots of Family Bands in Metal on Sirius XM

Join the Cavalera, Schenker, Tardy, Adler, and Abbott clans and others as we hear tightly knit tracks by Gojira, Obituary, Sepultura, Evile, Decapitated, Krisiun, At the Gates, and many more.

Roots of Motörhead Worship on Sirius XM

Bulldozer, Sodom, Disfear, Midnight, Inepsy, Iron Bastards, Tank, Girlschool, Superchrist, Gehennah, and more.

Roots of Edge of Sanity’s Crimson on Sirius XM

Two decades later, your weekly metal history lesson returns Crimson to the spotlight for a new look.

Roots of Technical German Death Metal on SiriusXM

Gore and guts meet the precision craftsmanship and spiraling imaginations of the German bands Necrophagist, Defeated Sanity, Obscura, Profanity, Hannes Grossmann, and many others

Roots of Death’s Scream Bloody Gore on Sirius XM

In honor of what should have been Chuck Schuldiner's 50th birthday, we honor "Evil Chuck"'s long road to creating his band Death's 1987 debut Scream Bloody Gore.

Roots of One-Man Metal Bands on Sirius XM

This week's show singles out the extraordinarily driven one-man metal bands whose solitary efforts have uniquely altered the arc of metal history

Roots of Indian Metal on SiriusXM

For a billion headbangers across the seas, the metal story has just begun. Know your Roots!

Roots of Enlightened Sludge Metal on Sirius XM

Bands like Inter Arma, Schammasch, Thou, Sumac, Almyrkvi, and Bölzer are converging from across the metal universe to craft a humongous, titanic new sonic expanse.

Roots of Finnish Death Metal on Sirius XM

Engage the eternal madness this week with tracks by Demilich, Sentenced, Xysma, Amorphis, Krypts, Convulse, Torture Killer (feat. Chris Barnes) and more.

Roots Explores European Hardcore on Sirius XM

Fly into a whirlwind pit tour of Europe, featuring over 30 years of classic and state-of-the-art hardcore punk from Germany, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond.

Roots Honors Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Anniversary Tour on Sirius XM

This week Roots honors the anniversary tour of Norwegian black metal's most controversial and cursed classic recording.

Roots of British HM Greats SAXON on SiriusXM

Push your way to the front for classic live and studio Saxon anthems, plus salutes by Sodom, Deceased, Destruction, Metallica, Motörhead, Paragon, and other stallions of the highways.

Roots of Songs Recorded by Pop Singers Wearing Metal Shirts on Sirius XM

Terrific tracks by Gaga, Miley, Biebler, Lilo, Cheezy, Gnap Gnop, the genius Kanye, and some random Kardashians.

Sun. 4/2, Chicago: 6.66 Heavy Metal Horror Films of the 1980s-Satanic Panic

Mike “McBeardo” McPadden blasts a black lite on the most headbanging hair-raisers of the PMRC era!

ROOTS of German Thrash Metal on SiriusXM

This week the well-traveled boots of ROOTS return to the historical heavy metal hotbed of Germany for an unleashed lesson in unbridled German thrash metal.