MISERY OBSCURA: Watch Dave Lombardo’s “Green Hell” Misfits Soundcheck

Shot from an iPhone on Dave’s drum kit, the clip depicts Lombardo thundering through “Green Hell” during a pre-concert sound check in Chicago.

MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW: Brian Lew’s Whiplash Zine Makeover for Metallica’s Fan Mag

Self-published periodicals connected metalheads and tape traders all over the planet in the days—a kind of long-haired, paper and glue version of the Internet.

Bloody Roots of the NWOBHM: When Hard Rock Became Heavy Metal on Sirius XM

BLOODY ROOTS of the NWOBHM: When Hard Rock Became Heavy Metal Week of November 12, 2016 Sat 11/12, 6PM ET Sun 11/13, 1PM ET Mon 11/14, 9AM ET Tues...

WE GOT POWER!: Break Off a Piece of “1991: The Year Punk Broke”

WE GOT POWER! coauthor David Markey's all-time classic rock documentary 1991: The Year Punk Broke chronicles with machine gun wit and guerrilla flair Sonic...

CENTINEX Is the Swedish Death Metal Band of the Week

Arising from the old Swedish city Hedemora in 1990, the eardrum-pummeling Centinex has ventured forth from an initial hardcore hybrid featuring two lead vocalists...

Bloody Roots of Swedish Death Metal Gods ENTOMBED on SiriusXM

Join us as we unearth the relentless power, melody, and groove of Stockholm, Sweden's, death metal magistrates

Bloody Roots Celebrates Halloween 2016 on Sirius XM

Honor the night when all become metal fiends with seasonal incantations by King Diamond, Blind Guardian, Cradle of Filth, the Misfits, Type O Negative, Necrophagia, the Black Dahlia Murder, Acid Witch, Halloween, and others.

Bloody Roots Prelude to Terror: Horror Film-Inspired Metal Songs on Sirius XM

As the spirit of the Halloween season thickens, join host Ian Christe for an hourlong heavy metal homage to great horror films including Evil Dead, Maniac, Friday the 13th, Asphyx, The Slayer, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, City of the Living Dead, Blood Feast, Black Sabbath, and others.

Fri 11/11, Zurich: Tom Gabriel Fischer Talk / Triptykon Live / Celtic Frost Doc. Screening

The concert will take place at the Kino Roland, a unique and somewhat notorious cinema venue that will be converted into a small club for Triptykon's performance.

NYHC: Tony Rettman’s Gotta Fight for Breakdown Vinyl Reissues

The always-on-point tag-team of Painkiller Records and 540 Records rescued this classic bit of rage from the digital-only wasteland, remastered it from the original tapes and placed it on a nice, thick slice of proper vinyl.

SHERIFF McCOY: Hanoi Rocks Get “Strange” in Retrospective Six-LP Hanoi Box

Strange Boys, a remastered collection of the first five albums by Finnish glam-trash punk-metal legends Hanoi Rocks, will strut with style into stores on...

Bazillion Points Revives Albert Mudrian’s CHOOSING DEATH; Death Metal & Grindcore History Exhumed in Revised & Expanded Death-luxe Edition...

Publishers Weekly: "Mudrian, editor-in-chief of Decibel magazine, condenses painstaking and lengthy interviews to create this informative history of death metal."

Bloody Roots of Death Metal and Grindcore in 2016 on SiriusXM

New tracks by Asphyx, Rotten Sound, Obituary, and Anaal Nathrakh, plus innovative and lethal death and grind by Asphalt Graves, Blood Incantation, Usurpress, Nails, Gruesome, Hannes Grossmann, and more.

Bloody Roots of Grunge and Metal on Sirius XM

The lasting impact of mostly Sub Pop Records grunge acts like Tad, Nirvana, Earth, Mudhoney, and Soundgarden merits a look at the thick sound of distortion and flannel.

HEAVY METAL MOVIES: TCM Salutes Christopher Lee—The Most Metal Movie Star of All Time?

Though Sir Christopher Lee crossed over to the realms beyond in 2015 at age 93, his on-camera legacy lives forever—just like Dracula, his most...

A Lifeless Object, Alive: Slayer’s REIGN IN BLOOD Turns Thirty Today

Get to work! Twenty-eight minutes and fifty-eight seconds of metallic perfection awaits to rip yourself apart. Congratulations to Tom Araya, Kerry King, Dave Lombardo,...

EXPERIENCING NIRVANA: Tad Doyle’s Brothers of the Sonic Cloth Rises Again

Slaying season has come once more to Seattle. Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, the Emerald City doom circle fronted by "heavier-than-God" Sub Pop-era grunge legend...

HELLBENT FOR COOKING: Annick Giroux’s Cauchemar Hits the European Road

Canadian heavy/doom metal riff masters Cauchemar—the band fronted by Annick Giroux, author of Hellbent for Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook—announces its upcoming European tour. Encompassing...

Bloody Roots Salutes 30 Years of Slayer’s Reign in Blood on SiriusXM

We slice cut by cut through Reign in Blood in all its violent glory.