STATIKNOIZE has just posted a pre-release interview with Hannah Verbeuren, the photographer behind our upcoming hardcover MIDNIGHT: A Thousand Nights in Sodom. The talk touches on the roots of Midnight, Hannah’s experiences on the road with metal bands, the crucial Ohio bands Boulder and Motörhead U.S.A., and the process of compiling her definitive document of the band’s many live, candid, and fantasy dimensions.

Some brief excerpts from THE FULL STATIKNOIZE INTERVIEW follow:

On the early days of Midnight:

“It was everything I wanted in a band. It’s the energy that they had. It had angst and sexuality. I was immediately drawn into it. It was instant. I’m sure a lot of fans feel this. I mean, the music was great but they had everything else too. Even though it was Cleveland and it was basic in the sense that there were no big, bright lights, and it wasn’t a big room, it still had this unique energy that I was just pulled into.”

On capturing the unbridled essence of Midnight in book form:

“I wanted to make sure that the fans got the information that they deserve. I’m a fan of the band. I kind of wanted to tell the story I would want to be told if I didn’t know the story. And I wanted to be able to give that to the fans and be like, ‘I hope this is something that will make you happy.’ They’re shrouded in black and you don’t know much about them, but it’s revealing enough that you have an idea. I wanted to connect the fans to the band, and I wanted it to feel real.”

Hannah on making her book a reality:

“I always really wanted to make a photo book because I’m a photo book junkie. When I got into the Midnight thing, I knew that it was something that I was really going to enjoy photographing, I was like, ‘This is what I should do. I should do a book on this band.’ I’ve always wanted to do a book. Midnight made it happen for me. And I wanted Bazillion Points really bad. I really wanted Bazillion Points to put it out.”


MIDNIGHT: A Thousand Nights in Sodom, by Hannah Verbeuren, is coming August 13, available everywhere books are sold

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