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Roots of Early Pantera on Sirius XM

1980s Pantera combined the best of glam and classic heavy metal with flashy lead guitar an ample pour of the band's Texas upbringing.

Roots of the Sons of Sabbath on Sirius XM

Soul-shattering Sabbath worship by Cathedral, Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Sleep, Suck, the Obsessed, Trouble, Witchfinder General, and more.

Roots of the Early Misfits Family of Bands on SiriusXM

Crushing Misfits covers by Marduk, Hatebreed, Tribulation, Prong, Enforcer, and Metallica display the stamp of the Misfits's influence.

Roots of Second Singers on Sirius XM

What changes in songwriting, style, and sound do new singers really bring?

Roots Thirty-Year Thrashback to 1987 on Sirius XM

The year 1987 brought a fresh onslaught of new faces, further refinements, and unexpected departures

Who Are You? #9: Library of Congress Edition

Our colleagues at the U.S. Library of Congress have wandered into a hall of mystery located in the palace of your and our expertise.
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