Insecticide demo cover

Jetting along with punky speed thrash in the vein of RKL, Blacktask, and hometown heroes Slayer, INSECTICIDE is a textbook example of the 1987 U.S. metal underground. The clean snarling vocals, Kreator riffs, and mosh parts are pure thrashcore — even if the cassette is labeled “INSECTICIDE – U.S. Power Metal.” (Let that be a reminder: if you argue over genre definitions, you are an idiot. They can change overnight.)

I appreciate how the frantic guitars and bass blur together to sound like swarming wasps and bees. The short instrumental “Buzz” is a brief glance of the blast-beat grindcore that would begin taking over the underground in 1988. Another demo and an album or two also exist — along with the obligatory New Renaissance compilation appearance.

Insecticide * 4-song 1987 Demo (12 Meg .rar)

Just to prove nothing is sacred, here’s Insecticide’s MySpace page with some scans of old photos and flyers from shows with heavy hitters like Process Revealed and Tyrannicide


  1. insecticide was and still is a killer band. live they are an incredible blur of energy and power. not to mention that as people they are the epitome of genuine.

  2. In the 80’s they tore my face off. In the 90’s they smashed my head open. In the 2000’s they stayed true to themselves. Gimmi and sherman are genuine and down to earth. They were there at the start and today still deliver a punch that would knock anyone out. With a we dont give a fuck what u think attitude this a is THE band to see. All hail the mighty Insecticide!


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