Anvil Bitch demo cover

I know that’s not exactly a raging recommendation, but for a time it seemed every banger on the block except me was shaking their head to this greasy batch of Philly cheesesteaks. But c’mon — “Anvil Bitch”? Why not “Exciter Slayer” — or “Razor Ratt”? They were rewarded nonetheless with a New Renaissance Records contract that spawned the Rise to Offend album (last mention of that demo-raiding label this month, I swear.) I like the second two tracks on this first demo the best — evilized generic Kill ‘Em All thrash to the max!

Anvil Bitch * 1985 4-song demo #1 (25mb .rar)


  1. At least one member of AB went on to a Philly band called Dominance, who were WAY better than AB but probably fairly standard thrash in the grand scheme of things. They had a couple of demos that were bay area inspired. I liked them better than Faith or Fear, who seemed to get all the attention here in Philly. If anyone has these demos, please post! Thanks….

  2. holy crap. I never thought I’d see an Anvil Bitch demo. And even more surprising is the cover art. Jesus, did they raid my 8th grade math book or something? What’s funny is New Rennaissance can’t even get ahold of them to give them a royalty check. Having said that, Anvil Bitch fuckin’ rules you all!


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