Before the odd ultra-sludgy LP with the electronic drums and long before Darkthrone paid tribute with its Goatlord CD, Goatlord were dirgy and shoddy underlings on the Las Vegas metal scene along with Papsmear, 5150, and Righteous Pigs. This is raw black/doom at its most amateurish, but rather than destroy my weakening brain trying to describe Goatlord’s first demo, I’ll just submit an original article from my IAN fanzine:


(Good goatess, that was embarassing. I was only a very wee, small child.)

GOATLORD * 4-song demo 1987 [23.6MB .rar]

Nuclear War Now has released a nice red vinyl edition of some rarities, check the details on Goatlord’s MySpace page.


  1. wow. muy primitivo. more primitive than hellhammer. the slow riffs sound fast and the fast riffs, slow. cheers. gracias, ian. find that INA ZINE review now !

  2. Hey bud, wassup. Fuck man, I remember when you wrote that review of us a long fucking time ago. Believe it or not, I still have that zine that you sent me after doing that interview. You know that was around 16 or 17 years ago??? lol….Shit man…what are you doing now? I don’t do shit anymore. I think I milked Goatlord for all it’s worth. Last thing I did was work with Yosuke and released those re-releases and then the new and final release “Last Sodomy of Mary”. Fuck, man…just wanted to say wassup…It’s been a long time. Later bro.

    P.S. I just noticed I didn’t say who I was…lol..This is Joe Frankulin….(guitarist – Goatlord) LAterz bud.


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