The Pacific Northwest isn’t known for being peppy, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Seattle’s best-known thrash metal export Forced Entry are the most joyless and workmenlike ragers ever to bark an open E-string. I’ll take the oozing sludge of neighbors Melvins, Burning Witch, and Thrones any day, but Forced Entry had two albums out on Combat/Relativity, so they probably warrant a quick listen.

FORCED ENTRY * “Thrashing Helpless Down” demo 1987 [30MB .rar]


  1. Wow, what a cool idea for a site. Wish I’d thought of it first. 🙂 I stumbled across Forced Entry’s AS ABOVE SO BELOW in a used CD store a few years back and enjoy that one a lot, and this demo is quite a find! Thanks for all your hard work, keep it metal!!

  2. I remember buying “As Above So Below” pretty much as soon as it came out. Amazing CD, the best Metal CD from Seattle up to that point (sorry to Metal Church). Moving a few months ago, I discovered the CD in a box that probably hadn’t been opened in a few years, at least two moves ago. That CD is still surprisingly fresh-sounding to me. And clearly Ian (or whoever called them ‘joyless’) never listened to “How We Spent Our Summer Vacation”, aka “Get Fucked Up”. Nor did that person ever see their legendary show flyers – my personal favorite was the one that had Brad sharing his last joint with Bigfoot while lost in the woods, or something to that effect.

  3. I’ve been tripping out on Forced Entry for most of last year with the 2 full-lengths and the EP. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for uploading this demo. I listen to all the metal subgenres profoundly and firmly believe that Forced Entry is the most underrated metal band ever.

    Also, I’d kill a small child with a plastic spoon to see that flyer of Brad smoking a joint with Bigfoot while lost in the woods. Sounds typical of FE.


  4. forced entry were amazing. foreign policy on the death dub tape was incredible. i used to correspond with tony back in the day. the shore e.p. is killer as well. here’s hoping for a reunion even if the failed 2001 abrasive rock show didnt go as well as planned.


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