Plotkin’s Tapes

Righteous Pigs, Hellwitch, Excel, Casbah, Sadus, Wehrmacht, Attitude Adjustment…thanks to my friend the always-inspirational James Plotkin (Old Lady Drivers, Scorn, Khanate) for sending over this wishlist. The answer is YES, 90% of these demos are in the Bang! Bang! queue, waiting to join their digital afterlife.

For evidence of how these influences congealed into one of the most proficient and prolific musical minds of our time, plus news on James’ post-Khanate activity, check his MySpace.


  1. those demo tapes makes me wonder wat has happened to all of my old tapes. I see fukken YOG SOTHOTS, PAPSMEAR, CASBAH, SACRIFICE, the mighty DESECRATION, the killer SADUS’s DTP demo and loads more. Have you got any PEDIFILE or GOREAPHOBIA demos?

  2. Moi aussi j’ai le demo en cassette, préservé avec certains autres. J’ai scanné les couverts une fois… Merci pour le post de GROOVY, eux c’est mes Best.



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