Accept: Hi-Dee-Demo-Hi-Da…

Just a quick note to point out that crazy Accept archive has posted the German juggernaut’s 1982 production demos for Restless & Wild. What a great find! These are high-quality recordings, but even rawer than the album — along with Anvil and Mercyful Fate, this was as heavy as metal got in ’82. I know Charlie Benante didn’t even have to audition for Anthrax, because Dan Lilker and Scott Ian were so blown away that he could play the double-bass parts of Accept’s “Fast as a Shark.”

And to think I was down on Udo Dirkschneider earlier this week after hearing his ridiculous claim taking credit for the widespread popularity of camo fatigues! All is forgiven!

ACCEPT * Restless & Wild 1982 production demo [10 songs, LINK]

UPDATE 07/07: The webmaster of, after several years hosting rare and beautiful Accept gems, has lost interest in the band and ceased operation. Our loss, for sure — his was a pure-hearted fan site. I guess the downside of that is when the inspiration dries up, it’s gone for good.


  1. The link explains why. Basically, the webmaster of lost interest in music, but there’s some handwringing over being an unnofficial vs. official site. Too bad — “” was a domain to be proud of.


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