Jaime writes: “METAL AL PISO — This is the expression that we use here, in Bogota, Colombia, to express that someone like me loves the Heavy Metal. I read the Spanish version of you book and find it excellent, very detailed and illustrative on some historic aspects. The most I like was the Medellin’s Masacre mention, that indicates that our bands, I mean Colombian and southamerican – except for Brazil – can go far and be listened and recognized all over the world. Thank you, hail METAL and a big greeting from this land.”

This email came while I’m practically laying on the floor like a spent tube of toothpaste after finishing Everybody Wants Some: The Van Halen Saga. Writing books can be total personal demolition, but messages like this repay the energy and satisfaction tenfold. Gracias Jaime, the next glass of aguardiente is for you! And viva Masacre for sure.


  1. I dunno who was in charge of the spanish version book cover but putting gene simmons there is just plain cheesy & cliched, ppl in south america are not that behind in the times.

  2. I was plenty surprised, and I’m not a big Kiss fan, but bright glistening gory red fake blood still works for me.


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