“Some of you might not know this, but we have a new record out on Combat Records. It’s all about corrupt religion. This is the title track, this one’s called ‘Spiritual Healing.’ All I’ll just say is, whoever spit on my guitar, can fuckin’ rot in hell right now. Come up here and spit in my face, don’t be a fuckin’ sissy. The rest of you fuckin’ rule, don’t take it wrong.” — Chuck Schuldiner, Houston 1990

Check out Sean Sitka’s YouTube page for this and other godly examples of live Death in their prime. Sitka owns a company that leases tour busses to bands like Napalm Death, Arch Enemy, and Damageplan. But in 1990 the bearded behemoth was a wiry young punk with a driver’s license, manning the wheel for Pestilence as they followed Chuck Schuldiner’s band across the States, indoctrinating everywhere they went.



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