Kevin Estrada, the main photo contributor for Everybody Wants Some: The Van Halen Saga, just called on his way out of the Van Halen tour press conference in LA, where he was taking photos for Rolling Stone. As hoped, the reunion with Roth began with a bang — tour dates for this fall and winter are already posted on Blabbermouth.

Kevin says Roth entered the press conference from the rear of the room, dressed “bolero-style” in a bullfighting costume. The room went wild, people were screaming, and Roth slapped hands all the way up to the stage. He hit the microphone and launched into a gifted gab session, speaking Spanish and rapping and ranting. He and Eddie hugged and kissed to demonstrate their renewed friendship.

Wolfgang didn’t say much, and seemed a little unprepared for the attention. During the Q&A, he told reporters he listens to AC/DC, Tool, and the White Stripes. Alex apparently didn’t say a word. Rolling Stone reports Alex saying: “I can describe Wolfie in two words — DNA.”

Michael Anthony did not magically appear at the last minute, and when asked about him the response was: “This is a brand new band. Michael Anthony is part of Van Halen’s past.”

And that’s the story until the tour begins on September 27 in Charlotte, NC. Plenty of time to catch up on your VH-related reading, right?

I have to say that when I started writing Everybody Wants Some in 2005, the chances of today happening seemed like zilch to infinite zip.



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