Russian readers will see Sergei “Spider” Troltsky in his Hitler outfit and instantly recognize the most ludicrous hard rock act ever: Korrozia Metalla! As you can see, they were huge in the Russia, owing to their truly destructive performances and clashes with the KGB in the Soviet era, dating back to 1984. Napalm Death played some shows with these guys in Russia, and were frightened by the stage show: strippers cavorting on flaming car wrecks, giant spiders, and roadies dressed as escaped mental patients! Among their other hits: “Russian Vodka,” “I Am President,” and “Trash Around Kremlin.” Just completely nuts. They’ve supposedly sold hundreds of thousands of CDs on the black market. I bought one in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, in the mid-90s — sure it’s lousy, it reminds me of early inept Butthole Surfers or oi-influenced Boston hardcore more than anything. Hopefully now that the United States is getting heavily into domestic surveillance, wiretapping, and “security” programs, we can eventually hope to produce some evidence of totalitarian psychosis as great as Korrozia Metalla.

Thanks for digging this up, Tim 310!


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