I’ve spent some time with Ronnie James Dio, and he’s as gracious and gentlemanly an elder statesman as metal could hope to have. Case in point: Here he is out on a street corner the night of Black Sabbath / Heaven & Hell’s recent Radio City Music Hall concert, patiently signing autographs and chatting with fans. But when someone brings up Vivian Campbell, the ex-Dio guitarist who left him for Whitesnake and now Def Leppard, the dark epithets fly. Five years ago, Campbell called Dio “an awful businessman” and “one of the vilest people in the music industry” — now it’s payback time, and it turns out Dio has an evil tongue to match those evil eyes.

Choice quote: “And now you’re playing with who? Def fucking who?’ There’s a fucking rock band for you to fucking have diarrhea with.”

Thanks, Tommy!  


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