Laksmi Tatma is a cute 8-limbed Indian toddler apparently born on a day of celebration for the 8-limbed Hindu god Vishnu. Not surprisingly, she’s widely considered a spiritual blessing, and a once-in-a-blue-deity phenomenon. Doctors consider her the victim of an undeveloped parasitic twin, whose lifeless arms and legs remain fused to her pelvis. They’re about to begin a 40-hour surgery to make her appear more mortal. Is it deicide? You decide.

LINK [London Evening Standard]


  1. I think she should go under surgery, having legs like that could kill her and when she grows up she wouldn’t have a normal life and many friends.

  2. she is not representing Vishnu, it is Lakshmi that she is supposed to be the human form of, hence the reason she is called Lakshmi and it was Lakshmi’s day of celebration she was born on as well, not Vishnu’s.


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