And the first early-90s band from the Earache Records roster to use their name to sell soap is North Carolina’s Confessor. How folksy! Pictured above is the manly type, and the band’s official website also sells a lavender variety “for girls.”

This is obviously home-made, because the logo-stamped bars are shaped like glass bread pans, one of the easiest containers for cooling hot soap.

I’ve been making soap in my apartment for the last couple years. It’s potent, noxious stuff if you’re not careful. My first round, I tried to cool the bars on a cookie sheet. After 10 minutes I heard a sizzling noise, and found the soap had already burned halfway through the metal tray. If you splatter a little uncured soap on your arms or legs, it will itch after 15 minutes — once your skin is liquefied.

I’m into this. And if I lived nearby, I’d line up to buy Confessor brand bread, wine, and cheese, too.


Thanks, PatD!


  1. no life till lather.
    the EP * with the insignia featured on the soap RULES !
    that’s what made me check out their site.

    * 2 originals, 2 TROUBLE covers ! ! ! proves they’re weird adn Christian from the word GOAT !

  2. I bought this Confessor soap “Somber Spice” when I saw them in Richmond, VA in October 2005. I bought it as a joke. The drummer Steve Shelton’s fiance makes the soap and you were able to buy it direct from her salon. This is too funny, but I finally broke open the container the soap came in last week. It is actually good soap, as it states on the cover it came in, “wash away your sins.”. I’m doing all right. Thanks Confessor.

  3. Macabre as it may be, I can’t help but wonder if these soaps contain Ivan Colon’s congealed remains…


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