Helvete, Oslo, Norway, Easter Day 2006


  1. when I went to Dark realm in LA, they had a picture from the basement of Helvete which read “BLACK METAL” in blak spraypaint. A friend of the store had gone there some years ago when it was a cofee shop. He said he hung out there all day buying coffee and begging them to go into the basement. When the store closed, they let him go into the b asement and take some pix. He also scraped some paint off the upside down cross “T” from Black Metal and put it in a ziplock which now hangs on the wall at Dark Realm.

    stay grim !

  2. I went to Dark Realm past May 🙂
    (I’m from Belgium btw)

    was cool to find a great metal music shop in the States…

    on my trip to Norway, i’ll probably go looking for Helvete (or what’s left) too..


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