This mystery arrived in my mailbox today. I thought the dude in middle with the nasty homemade codpiece might be “Evil Chuck” Schuldiner circa 1983, but no dice. Please comment first, then think later–this is a good one!

Obrigado, Javier!


  1. Yep, L-R: Max Cavalera, Wagner Antichrist, and Lil’ Igor Cav. I could barely believe it myself, but Max’s tattoo is the tell-tale kicker. Here’s the awesome story from

    Max: “I don’t have a first tattoo anymore, it’s under this one, there’s was a dragon there. When I was young, i was only 14 when I got this, it was because a friend of mine got a tattoo and I really liked it, so I sold some of my albums to get this tattoo (laughs), I sold like 10 records to get the money for the tattoo.”


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