I have nothing to say here that wouldn’t be a dead giveaway. The two guys on the right are still in this band, and note that the young buck in the fancy middle eastern neckgear to far right is frowning… Close your eyes and comment!

Thank you, PatD!


  1. Yes, the frowny little squirt on far right is Gylve “Fenriz” Nagel, then known as Gylve “Death” Nagel. The fresh-faced chap behind him is Ted Skjellum, aka Nocturno Culto. There they are, experiencing all the original ’80s metal glory that Darkthrone so reveres!

    Was Nocturno Culto in Black Death? I think this is very early Darkthrone in the flesh. If not, and it is Black Death, they not only had a song called “Nasty Sausage,” but also “Pizza Monsters.”


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