The demo digitization program has slowed a little lately while I prepare the the US edition of Daniel Ekeroth’s outstanding Swedish Death Metal for press. This is the first book through my new indie publishing house, Bazillion Points, and everything takes twice as long the first time through. I’ll unveil the appropriate hoopla in the next couple weeks–for now let me just say this is the best document of any underground music scene that I’ve ever read. More soon…


  1. Ian,
    I’m 38, a new father of two, longtime metalhead, and just now discovering the delights of older Entombed, Dismember, and even Autopsy! I’m still reading “Sound of the Beast”, and so happy that there are kindred souls like yourself that can put my utter fascination and excitement into something readable. I almost said “screw it” and paid Daniel nearly $90 because I just WANT the damn thing! Thank you so much for giving a fan something special. -Mike


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