From the A-Z band biography reference section in Swedish Death Metal:

“SPORTLOV — The natural end result of the black metal movement. In 2000 some musicians from Uppsala heard about the German band Vintersemestre (which means “Winter Holiday” in Swedish), and decide the ridiculousness of black metal had gone too far. (What kind of name is that, anyway?) They decided to make some extreme black metal themselves, basing lyrics around winter sports to mock the genre’s obsessions with snow, ice, trolls, etc. They succeeded beyond all expectations, and sound very good! This might come as no surprise, since members hail from supreme metal and crust acts like Defleshed, Dark Funeral, Diskonto, F.K.Ü, and Uncurbed. Highly recommended.”


  1. I think a lot of people completely misunderstood the black metal movement. Bands that sing of trolls and winter wolves are not black metal in my opinion, but they deserve to be mocked in this way. It’s good that real black metal remains somewhat hidden from the most. We had to sacrifice Mayhem for that. Euronymous would be proud.

  2. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of these characters were friendly with Euronymous back in the first ice age.


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