So you figured out the faces in Who Are You? #1 and #2. Next in our ongoing series of semi-embarrassing early photos of classic metal bands (because it’s a lot easier than digitizing old tapes!), here’s a forgotten line-up of a long-running operation. Would you donate blood to these guys? Close your eyes and comment, and all will be revealed…

UPDATE: In particular, can you identify the platform-boot glampire at far left? That’s the real question!

Thanks, Brant!


  1. You’re right, of course–and thanks to the amazing Rat Skates archives at for loaning this photo. I almost cropped Blitz and DD from the pic, because the true challenge is to name the guitarist at far left.

  2. Even with big heels Dan Spitz is shorter than most.

    Best part of “Born In the Basement” is the guy they threw out of the band for wearing a white leather jacket.

  3. Spitz has some cool makeup on, makes his eyes look like they’re pointing in the same direction…

    “Power In Black” still kills.

  4. that italian bass player guy sure has some husky african traits eh? even with all that white paint. the milk crates give away exactly what band it is.


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