Yep, it's a heavy metal bar.

Does the place where you hang out and listen to metal have a massive garish wall mural covering its entire fucking face, and make you feel like you live in a Sepultura or Iron Angel album cover from 1985? Unless you answered “Si!” — I don’t think so. Tyrant is one of several total metal clubs ringing the open sublevels of a housing complex northwest of downtown Madrid, Spain. Exactly across the courtyard is Club Lemmy, a hard rock bar open since 1980, boasting its own eight-foot tall picture-perfect Motörheadbeast mural.

Unfortunately for me, Spanish bars and restaurants open and close seven times a day — just in case the Moors decide to invade again. I missed the action at Tyrant several times, but I went on a 14-mile walk instead and watched a bullfight, found the squatters at an enormous street fair, took a nap in a park, ate fried bacalao and drank tiny beers and cava, and stumbled onto a mythically cool building that turned out to be the General Society of Authors and Editors [SGAE]. Madrid is a great sprawling maze of a city, an easy place to get lost and find a prize.


  1. The “Mural” is from Overkill’s “The Years of Decay” LP. But you might be too trashed to be concerned with such details!!
    Where’s the confounded Swedish DM Book?? I’m DYING for it 🙂

  2. Hmmm, yeah, I know it’s inspired by Overkill art, but this is so much more. Does Years of Decay have a door hinge sticking out of one of the skullbat’s wings?

    Swedish Death Metal was just approved for production yesterday, the cover looks and feels deadly, and the fully assembled book is awe-inspiring. I’m going to start making announcements and taking orders this week. It’s a great, great book. There should be a great, great party to match in New York on July 9 after the At the Gates show.

  3. Came upon this blog when I was google searching. I’ve been to this bar on several occasions when I lived in Madrid. It’s fun. But this is a traditional night time bar. It’s open after 8 or so at night until 3 am, I’m not sure if it’s everyday. I don’t think so, but from Thursday to Saturday for sure.

    Regular “bars” that you see open in the day, those are usually cafes too. They’re open from anywhere from 7am-11pm.


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