The pressure is building already, and it’s so early in the day. You feel the twitch in your temples. Why won’t the phone stop ringing? How are you going to finish everything in time? If you have another coffee, you’ll crack, but you can’t concentrate. You’re killing yourself!

No, wait — I think I hear skateboard wheels riding a pool. The keg is tapped, and all your friends are there. It’s the heat of summer. But there’s a shady spot just under the Slayer logo calling you. Somebody’s got a joint, and that girl you’ve seen around in a Beherit shirt is just hanging out. Everything’s going to be just fine.

Visualize it: You are in the Slayer bowl.




  1. That’s the point of the post, right? Chill. Slayer. Keg. Smiling and laughing as you eternally relax…


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