So after kicking back and watching the disappointingly short French Open men’s tennis finals last Sunday [yeah, I know], I fired up some YouTube footage of Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe’s insane Wimbledon epic battle in 1980 [yeah, I know]. Not to be outdone by myself, I thought it would be a hoot to see old Torben Ulrich [yeah, I know] kicking up some sod back in his tennis-playing heyday. Instead, I found this peculiar piece of evidence.

After retiring from tennis, Lars Ulrich’s dad came into public view during Metallica’s painful Some Kind of Monster film. In the movie, this bright and sage voice listens to a preview of what the band had created during their years in the studio. After, he squints his huge black eyes and proclaims: “I would say, ‘delete that.'” And they did! Who with a beard so long could be wrong? Turns out he was just protecting his own turf — check out the druidic Ulrich the Elder here exploring some epic, spacey, meditative sound design while battling a laptop loaded with glitch samples.



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