Man does not live by blog alone, and in fact the monster project for the past six months has been getting all the pieces in place to publish SWEDISH DEATH METAL by Daniel Ekeroth in a fat, dark new edition. The cover test and page proofs arrived from the printer a couple weeks back–take a look for yourself. By the end of July, every household of ghouls around the world will be able to own a copy, suitable for endless obsessing and secondary use as a butcher’s block. More to come, in the meantime check the pulse here:

Swedish Death Metal book site


  1. Great book, I brought back many memories from all the gigs I saw during this time. Alot of the flyers that were in the book was gigs I went to see.

  2. Alvaro,

    Excellent question. As you can see, the cover is changed, but here’s a summary of changes between the old and new editions of SDM:

    * Completely edited, corrected, and updated text, including many new words from members of Carnage/Carcass, In Flames, Opeth, and Hypocrisy
    * Updated and expanded A-Z band encyclopedia
    * Redesigned gallery, fanzine bibliography, and throughout the book
    * New “death-luxe” jacket design with flaps

    It’s very different, but it’s up to you if you need it twice. The paper and sewn binding are the same as before. And yeah, like you say there’s a pin, so you can do a tiny edit on your denim jacket.


  3. Got my copy last week and am S-T-U-N-N-E-D at how good it is. Just amazingly, wonderfully, gloriously good stuff.

    HIGLY recommended to even the casual fan of the subject.


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