The book is always better than the YouTube, but with a few weeks to go before Daniel Ekeroth’s Swedish Death Metal book is available, at least this video preview offers a quick fix.


  1. VERY excited for this. i slept on getting the first printing because of cost (broke at the time) and lack of remembering. is this version essentially a US printing? also, might it be forthcoming in hardcover (before i pre-order)?

  2. Hey Chris,

    It’s more than a reprint — there’s a lot of new material, hundreds of changes to existing sections, and then combed over by a crack editorial squad.

    No, I don’t think there will be a hardcover in the near future — for one thing, it’s already massive enough without adding any extra weight, and also we felt like the spirit of the book is more suited to a really well done softcover. You’ll see what I mean in a couple weeks, when you unwrap this arcane prize, it sounds like.

    And everybody else, check out Chris’ blog, it’s the good stuff:


  3. well, i know what i’m getting in a few weeks then, haha. i had to ask about the hardcover as i prefer those more. hard or soft cover aside, i need the book and look forward to getting it. many thanx for the response and cheers on the kind words about the site!


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