Here’s a painfully sweet metal/hardcore crossover blast from 1985 by the ultra-obscure white sneakers crew Radical Behavior. I got this on a tape with Lethal Aggression’s demo from Terror Ken Thunders (the prolific rock animal now known as Ken Sleazegrinder), and he sent me a flyer for the band picturing a bunch of dudes in denim vests. I just wrote him for help, and got a couple hints. “Tom…Tom somebody,” Ken says. “He also had a fanzine called Mutilator. From New York, I think. skate-metal foolishness, from what I remember.”

I could find no mention of this band anywhere on the entire Internets, which is crazy because they definitely hold a zany feedback-dipped candle to Lethal Agression. So while I go dig, please stab yourself in the thigh with this chaotic, goofy six-minute demo. Since only one of the songs is over a minute long, I didn’t even bother slicing apart the songs. “No God, No Devil” is epic! Shades of Napalm Death’s Scum, for sure. “Dirty Laundry” is even stupider and shorter than S.O.D.’s “Milk.”

RADICAL BEHAVIOR 8-song demo 1985 [8.7MB MP3]

1. Radical Behavior
2. You Suck
3. Unknown #1
4. No God, No Devil
5. Car Crash
6. Unknown #2
7. Dirty Laundry
8. Jealous Loser

Maybe you know more? Fill us in! What’s the deal with Rad Behavior, and where can I get a shirt?



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