My temperature rises for vintage videos of Overkill slaying the New York legions at L’Amour in Brooklyn, or Exodus goading the Slay Team to new heights of depravity at a classic SF show. But I grew up in several different middles of nowhere, and every single headbanger at what few shows did happen was not so cool. So it floats my goat with pride to see this kind of 1988 conquering of a Houston waterpark by early Earache Records outcasts Confessor, the learned metal and tiny shorts scourge of Raleigh, NC. How many members of Watchtower lay lounging in yellow chairs watching Confessor on this day at Fame City Waterworks, wishing they had stuck together (or feeling glad they didn’t)?

Catch up with more recent exploits of Confessor along the tangled math path HERE.

Thanks, Capt. O’Malley!


  1. holy shit!! best birthday present ever. if only this could have been part of the KIng Of The Hill waterpark thuggery episode

  2. Watchtower were active in 1988. Control and Resistance came out in 1989.

    Yeah the video is great so on, I subscribe to the theory that these are not tiny shorts but swimming trunks, blah blah

  3. Under rated and way ahead of their time. Some say vocally, its an acquired taste i say its perfect with the riffs and drumming. Confessor has ruled since 88


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