“Infernal Death was the best-kept secret in the metal scene for years. Too bad all of the band members are dead now. Email me for more details.”

Or at least, so says the parked web domain In fact, bass/vocals ghoul Paul Russ from this long-defunct El Paso, TX, crude metal trio got in touch recently with the merrily satanic band’s first demo and a bunch of stories of their dirtball times.

“Just as their name was getting to be known worldwide in underground fanzines, disaster struck.” Paul writes. “Paul and drummer Ben Ulrich were involved in a fistfight. Ben got a good beating, and left the band. The band was drummerless until 1991 when a drummer by the name of Gabe Limon joined. However, Gabe was never serious about making music, and the drummer position was never completely filled. Things fizzled out, and this is all that remains.” He drew a crying frowny face next to that goodbye.

Well, partly to encourage other obscure ultra-satanic demo bands to send in their long-forgotten tapes, and partly because this unskilled but highly motivated melange of Sodom, early Necrophagia, early Samael (hell, early anything!), and partly because speedy Fostex/Tascam-sounding artifacts like this are in collector vogue these days, I’m going to bump Infernal Death to the front of the queue.

INFERNAL DEATH – “Incantations of the Gates” demo 1989 [26MB .rar]

As for the question of whether In Flames nicked their “Jester” mascot from this demo cover–well, you’d have to ask the guy with the tiger stripe tattoos about that.



  1. I have this demo. It’s not too bad but the singing ruins most of it, and the growling vocals overtake the music. There’s a few good riffs, the lyrics are humorous from what I can make out of them, and there;s plenty of speed and thrash!! However on a few parts you can hear the guitar and bass f’up, but hey, it’s just a demo!

  2. I know these dude’s….
    This band was nothing more than a garage band back in the day in El Paso, Texas. What a bullshit story…Paul Russ probably made all that shit up and from what I heard, it was Ben that gave Paul a good ass kickin!!!!!!! Haha posers

  3. Unfortunately, I married the drummer Gabriel. Do yo know any dirt. lol. He still isn’t taking music seriously he probably never will.

  4. Don’t be a sore looser Gabe you need a better attitude to achieve your goals… LOOSER !!!!! YEAH YOU LIKE TO BEAT THINGS AND IT SURE ISN’T JUST YOUR DRUMS YOUR A WOMAN BEATING MOTHERFUCKER GET A LIFE FUCK HEAD !!!

  5. check out ( NECROPHILIC SODOMY)
    on reverbnation or my space!!!!
    it’s the guitarist from (INFERNAL DEATH)
    a one man band….
    if you like old school death/thrash…. it’s worth checking out!!!!!

  6. Infernal Death is releasing all of their old-school demos and rehearsals on vinyl!!
    July of 2018
    The IOTG demo re-mastered, and 5 un-released raw rehearsals from 1993!
    On the ‘Buried by Time and Dust Records’ label.


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