I’ve been doing a lot more talking and book publishing lately than demo posting, I’ll admit. That’s about to change. But tomorrow’s reserved for talk.

Dee Snider and his Fangoria Radio co-host Debbie Rochon (a cast member of Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains, and a good friend of Lloyd Kaufman) invited me to come talk about the connections between horror and heavy metal. Well, I think about that a lot, as we pretty much watch at least one horror or exploitation film in our household daily. So I’m ready to go talk about everything from Mario Bava’s Black Sabbath to scapegoating to John Fasano’s Black Roses to the new remake of Last House on the Left.

And when the night is through, horror fans shall remember the date Friday the 13th!

Best of all, listeners can call in live at at 1.888.4.102.102

Sound of the Beast author Ian Christe on Fangoria Radio
Friday, March 13th at 10PM Eastern on Sirius 102 / XM 155
hosted by Dee Snider and scream queen Debbie Rochon

Horror and heavy metal — the twin hounds of hell! After all Black Sabbath was named after a horror movie, and that was only the beginning…

UPDATE: I scored a recording of the broadcast (thanks, Danny). So now you can squirm to the sound of your humble (and dangerously laid-back sounding) narrator as he is thrown to the blood ghouls of Fangoria Radio:

Ian Christe on Fangoria Radio, Friday March 13, 2009 [21.7MB MP3]

Beast wishes!


  1. Okay, I’m working it! I’ll update and post an MP3 when I get the recording back. Supposedly it’ll be available for free via iTunes at some point.


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