El silencio de FJ Ossang

I’ve already sold my ticket for next week’s Throbbing Gristle show at the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn, their first ever in New York, because I’m going to see and support my longtime friend and bandmate Fritz Welch HERE. Besides, I’ve unofficially sworn off oldies acts.

Anyway, I had an intense TG experience at the BAFICI film festival in Argentina last week. I was locked down for a daily screening of the Mellotron documentary, but I saw a few other movies — notably a set of experimental black and white travelogues that F.J. Ossang shot along the Portuguese seaside and joined to ominous Throbbing Gristle tracks like “Hamburger Lady” and “Convincing People.” My earholes were invaded by that pulsating hypnotic goo, and my terror nodes were stroked by those haunting elemental images and subliminal 6-6-6 patterns. I even had a morning dream about the rounded stone formations — before I knew anything about these films.

Here’s Silencio, sliced into three parts; it starts after a two-minute preamble. Sure, the cinematic experience is better than the YouTube video, so check local listings until forever.


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