Feast your eyes on the Stew of True Doom, a molten metal masterpiece concocted by Karl Simon of the powerful Indy warlords The Gates of Slumber.

Annick “the Morbid Chef” Giroux of Canada’s mighty Morbid Tales ‘zine has launched a metal cookbook project for Bazillion Points. She’s following a dream, collecting food and drink recipes from Yorkshire’s Desolation Angels, San Francisco’s Autopsy, Japan’s Abigail, Brazil’s Holocausto, Canada’s own Piledriver and Anvil, and dozens if not hundreds more.

The feast begins this fall…

Annick Giroux on Bazillion

The Gates of Slumber MySpace


  1. I love to eat and drink exotic foods and delicacies from all over the world, and I’m probably the world’s biggest Karl Simon freak.


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