Blood and Guts Donors Wanted

Artist Mark Riddick—of Logos From Hell, Slayer, Metalocalypse, Devourment, ad nauseous nauseum design fame—is pointing his pens toward a worthy cause:

In March 2009 my one-year-old son, Nathan Riddick, was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder called Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus (NDI). By purchasing this limited edition signed print and T-Shirt package ($25), you will be making a monetary contribution to the NDI Foundation in support of research for this rare condition that affects four of one million people.

So glorify your bodily temple and the walls of the temple you live in with the inspirational power of skulls, larvae, leeches, grubs, worms, and viscera. I did. And I’d like to think that next year the NDI Foundation will commission Mark to design all their fundraising materials.




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