I’m completely in awe of “Mr. Meddled,” a musical parodist whose genius and skill apparently rivals Ihsahn of Emperor but extends to the surf rock genre. I love surf music like the Surfaris and the Joker’s green-haired surf band in the campy ’60s Batman series, but I don’t know jack about it. Guess I’m saving that that quest for knowledge for when I turn 80 and retire to Big Sur like Henry Miller. Mr. Meddled knows surf inside and out, the guitar trills and whammy dives, the rapid-fire runs, the haunting organs, and the slow steady woozy stability that glorifies the salty drift of days running together and beach life. He’s recorded immaculate surf arrangements of Emperor and Burzum songs that will blow you away if you’re a lover of black metal music (and not just the face paints and empty boasts), capping them off with silly alternate mythologies placing “Chip Ihsahn” and “Rocky Samoth” on the California waves in the 1950s. Respect!

Endless summer is coming, are you ready?


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