The long-awaited 22-issue anthology of Touch and Go fanzine hit the bookstores on June 30, setting off a whirlwind of page-flipping, rare record rediscovery, and belly laughs the likes of which the literary world has never before seen. TOUCH AND GO: The Complete Hardcore Punk Fanzine ’79-’83 by Tesco Vee and Stimson (and edited by Steve Miller of the Fix) is like a dense rubber band ball of Midwest joy and desperation, packing layer upon layer of handmade discovery and punk frustration into a book that reveals the boyish hearts at the beginning of all this DIY hardcore punk nonsense.

So get the book, and while you’re waiting a few days for delivery, check out the straight-ahead Tesco Vee interview above. The dancing lancer of Lansing sets the scene, shows the lay of the land, and plays tracks by Necros, Negative Approach, 999, and more. He explains how the hardcore scene emerged from the punk happenings of the 1970s, how the live circuit was built, and what became of personalities like Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye in the wake of it all. (By the way: Part 4 contained a song belonging to the Warner Music Group, so they caned that section.)

You can also keep up with Touch and Go book events and special moments at the book’s Facebook page. And another, longer podcast interview with Tesco Vee and editor Steve Miller lives at the official Touch and Go book site.


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