Dane Vermeulen, the Meatmen in a Weinermobile, Tesco Vee and John Brannon.

TOUCH AND GO: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine ’79-’83 co-author Tesco Vee returns to the Motor City August 27:th and along comes this absolutely stellar poster. The incomparable Vee will once again take the stage on St Andrews Hall with his The Meatmen and treat the audience to a potent witches’ brew of punk, metal, flamenco, wardrobe changes and a 130-pound air compressor gun. Great fun for anyone lucky enough to live in Michigan.

Meanwhile, TOUCH AND GO: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine ’79-’83, by Vee and Dave Stimson, is available from Bazillion Points Books, and ships today w/ bonus badge and more!



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