The printer proofs of the limited Murder in the Front Row dustjackets arrived today. These measure x 27.5″ wide x 11.5″ high, and will be wrapped around copies of the book shipped directly from Bazillion Points. Each side features a photo by one of the book’s authors, Harald Oimoen and Brian Lew, with Harald’s classic Metallica yard FxUx pic facing outward (he had just told them he needed to split to go see Megadeth, true!). Brian Lew’s side offers some Exodus blood-upon-the-stage action, starring one murderous fan lower left with the infamous call to arms written in gaffer tape on the back of his denim: KILL!

This book is amazing collection of inspired moments from probably the most energized local scene heavy metal has ever known. More to come!

Click the photo above to enlarge. And join the Facebook page for regular commentary by Misters Oimoen and Lew…

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