First off, life is hard for a blog these days. With the Facebook and Twitter quick-fixes available, not just Bazillion Points and me personally, but every single book we’ve published is able to shower the world with quick daily updates. Between the pages of actual publication, that’s a lot of updates. But woe the neglected blog… okay, I’ll try to do better.

Several years ago, a small film crew visited the old downstairs Bazillion Points HQ, and I told them what I thought about Bobby Liebling and Pentagram. That was kind of the low point of Pentagram history, several quiet years past the summer 2001 no-show debacle at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD. Except for that fiasco, I had never actually seen the band, and didn’t except to. The trajectory of one of America’s earliest, evilest, and most unsung heavy rock bands seemed to be pointing headlong towards ashes and dust.

Fast-forward slowly to 2012, and all kinds of unlikely turns have come to pass. I’ve seen Pentagram indoors and outdoors in three zip codes and sixteen Bobby Liebling costume changes! Don Argott and Demian Fenton have completed their documentary, Last Days Here, and they could not have asked for a brighter bouquet of flowers at the end of a long slog through the smelly dirt. Grab your popcorn and see the parable of death, music, good and bad luck, and the power of several kinds of love.

LAST DAYS HERE in the New York Times



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