Spawn Swaddled in Swedish Death Metal

By popular demand (about 1,000 Facebook likes for a photo of a kid wearing one), Bazillion Points has concocted this encouragement to the future Nihilists, Dismembers, and Morbids crawling amongst us. Feast your weary eyes on the cute blasphemy of this longsleeve Swedish Death Metal Rabbit onesie, printed in non-toxic spawn-safe ink. Sizes Newborn/6-12M/12-18M are available HERE (eBay), because they made it easy for us to keep track of who gets what size. While supplies last, CrO2 cassette not included. Neither is the baby—go hump out your own!

Swedish Death Metal baby garb

Swedish Death Metal adult T-shirts


  1. Here’s my spawn practicing his death-growl.



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