Happy 666mas, Tompa Lindberg!

Who better deserves of an early present from Satan Claws than good ol’ red-headed roarer Tomas “Goatspell” Lindberg? Besides spearheading a billion different groundbreaking bands—Grotesque, At the Gates, Disfear, Lock*Up…you know the drill—book-lover Lindberg was an early supporter of Swedish Death Metal (regrouping his legendary Grotesque for the book release party). He also did Bazillion Points a proper by penning a foreword to Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries, the book with the best story about him puking into a plastic bag with no bottom.

We usually pile books on contributors right away, but this guy is constantly on tour and hard to reach. Finally, while At the Gates is playing the Barge to Hell cruise ship (!!!) next week alongside Mayhem, Exodus, Behemoth, C.O.C., Enslaved, and dozens of other very pale bands, we have our target: a port address in Miami. Possessed by the spirit of 666mas, we sent this tack sa mycket packet to Tompa to get him through the dark Göteborg winter. All that’s missing is a gallon of that salty black licorice they eat in Sweden. Consider it our holiday gift guide to you, dear readers back home.



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