Each week, we rip open the bottomless appendix of Swedish death metal bands from Daniel Ekeroth’s exhaustive book Swedish Death Metal and present yet another vile offering from the icy north. Not for the faint of heart! Here are the masters of horrifying audio hallucination, composers of the soundtrack to your worst nightmares: CRYPT OF KERBEROS.

From the book: “A great Eskilstuna band that rose from the ashes of Macrodex in 1990. One of my personal favorites among minor Swedish bands, with a very dark and doomy kind of death metal. Highly original and cool as hell! Pettersson/Bjärgö also formed the highly respected electronic act Arcana, played bass in the crust band Meanwhile, and in 2006 started Tyrant. The sick bastard has also made music for a porn film. A CD of older material was released in 2005. Get it!”

Scoop up a hardcover copy of Daniel Ekeroth’s book with a limited woven patch: RIGHT HERE.



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