Every week, we share a tidbit from the eerily exhaustive band index of Daniel Ekeroth’s landmark book Swedish Death Metal. Like Evocation, Interment, and Nirvana 2002, here’s yet another band who got back together in recent years in the aftermath of the book’s release. So here are the insanely non-humble origins of Katatonia, Dellamorte, and too many other bands to count; the story lurks within our Swedish death metal band of the week: UNCANNY !

Uncanny - Transportation to the Uncanny

From the band appendix: “In 1987, two pre-teen(!) children Fredrik Norrman (later in Katatonia) and Kennet Englund (later in Interment, Moondark, and Dellamorte) started playing music together. Some years later they launched Cicafrication, which led to the mighty Uncanny. They debuted some grind/death on the rare compilation tape Avesta Mangel, but soon got different ideas—crushing death metal, the right stuff! Fantastic songs, fat sound, brilliant drumming and devastating vocals. One of the most underrated Swedish death metal bands of all, in my opinion. The members have also appeared in Katatonia (Norrman), Dellamorte (Englund), Interment (Englund), Centinex (Englund), Sadistic Gang Rape (Harborg), Fulmination (Forsell), and Uncurbed (Törnros). Johan Jansson (guitar, Dellamorte, Interment, Uncurbed, Regurgitate, etc) and Mattias Norman (Dellamorte, Katatonia) joined as session members for Uncanny’s 2008 reunion gig.”

Read SWEDISH DEATH METAL by Daniel Ekeroth



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