Dryck Julmust

Dryck Julmust

The very clever and intrepid blog horde at Rocksalt.MX recently cornered Swedish metal legend Morgan Håkansson (Marduk, Abruptum) to ask about lots of pressing issues—including how such a blasphemous metal monger celebrates Xmas. Without missing a beat, Morgan explains that the mid-winter holiday is deeply ingrained in Swedish DNA after thousands of years, and that Xmas is just a Johnny-come-lately attempt by some lame-o Christians to latch onto the Viking tradition of snow, pine trees, and roast goat. Which veers quickly into a spirited discussion of sticky-sweet Dryck Julmust, a beloved Swedish holiday beverage created in yet another failed attempt to get the raucous Swedes to stop drinking beer!

Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson: “Dryck Julmust. I am wondering where did you hear about that?”
Rocksalt.MX: “Ikea!”
MSH: “Well that is my favorite drink! …Christmas is a very un-Christian thing from the beginning, at least up where we live. And most of the traditions, even the Christmas tree, has nothing to do with Christianity and things like that… You must know even the Coca-Cola company in Sweden was very frustrated because at Christmas they increase their sales—except for in Sweden! They tried to buy it from the company that makes it, but nope! It’s kept un-corporate.”

Read the entire interview HERE, know that Dryck Julmust works fine at Easter, too, and for a full education in crazy Swedish customs pick up a copy of Swedish Sensationsfilms: A Clandestine History of Sex, Thrillers, and Kicker Cinema, by Daniel Ekeroth.


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