The index of Daniel Ekeroth’s Swedish Death Metal explodes with droves of high quality bands that ended up disappearing into relative obscurity, outnumbered  by titans like Entombed, Dismember, and Unleashed. Here’s another great example. MACABRE END only released one demo and an EP, but they sounded like seasoned veterans. They knew how to write great blood-drenched lyrics… and they totally nailed the art of posing for metal band photos.

Macabre End-Spawn Of Flesh

From the book: “This good old death metal band in pure Swedish style started in December 1988 in Vålberg, under another name that I have forgotten. The initial grindcore style changed towards death metal during 1989, and in February 1990 they became Macabre End. They recorded a 7” and planned to record an EP called Suppurationfor Relapse, but nothing came of it. In late 1991 Johansson (who edited Suppuration Zine) left the band, and the others continued as God Macabre. Raw and pure death metal of good quality.”

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  1. The asshole in me just needs to point out that it was me (Sjöberg) who edited the (enormously shitty) fanzine “Suppuration” (not sure why I want to take credit for that abomination ;-)), and I’m not sure we even had a title planned for that Relapse EP. Cool to have us featured though!


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