Black metal artifacts at the Rockheim Museum, Trondheim, Norway. (C) Linn Halversrød

The stalking of black metal by popular art museums continues! Thanks to Linn Halversrød for catching this shot of various issues of Slayer Mag as part of an archive of national black metal artifacts at the Rockheim popular music collection in Trondheim, Norway.

Though the plywood display case looks a little DIY and slapdash, the museum itself is crazy fancy, check out the massive light roof which changes color based on the darkness of artifacts on display:


Congratulations to Slayer editor Jon Kristiansen for getting recognition in his home country. The embrace of extreme metal by the authorities certainly could never have been expected years ago.

And of course we urge you to add the majority of every issue of Slayer Mag to your personal metal collection for years of study and dark enlightenment:

METALION: The Slayer Mag Diaries


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