VHS tapes, cannibals, bloody nuns, and Daniel Ekeroth in Sweden's national Aftonbladet:

First in a series of Bazillion Points authors standing in front of massive vaults of VHS tapes (don’t you think HEAVY METAL MOVIES author Mike McPadden has this covered, too?),
SWEDISH SENSATIONFILMS author Daniel Ekeroth shows off his VHS videocassette collection for Sweden’s largest newspaper Aftonbladet. Yes, this is the same Swedish paper that called Arne Mattsson’s stellar sensationsfilm Den Onda Cirkeln “one of the more severe breakdowns in recent Swedish cinema” fifty years ago… let them make amends!

Swedish film culture is complex and oversexed. Fortunately, Daniel laid it all out in his second book, so pick up a copy of SWEDISH SENSATIONSFILMS RIGHT HERE.

Daniel Ekeroth is also the author of SWEDISH DEATH METAL.


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